Finding the best gems for users of Sketch app

Qwikly Releases 1.0 Beta Sneak Peek Video

Qwikly began early efforts last year by announcing its goals and even doing a Kickstarter. They describe Qwikly as “the fastest way to get your iOS app from design to market. Sketch to Swift, with more support coming soon”. Their goal is to skip the...

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Sketch Replace Hue Plugin

“Sketch Replace Hue is forked from Sketch Replace color, and can be used to Find and Replace the same Hues found on the Fill, Border and Text color properties of your layers. The main purpose of this plugin is to allow for very fast theme swapping across your...

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Magnet – Window manager for Mac

Magnet has turned out to be a handy window manager. It’s not the first one out there, but the implementation is clean and simple. It’s also one of the quicker ways to get a stubborn app like Safari to Maximize easily. Overall it’s a helpful...

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Select Parent Artboards Sketch Plugin

A Sketch plugin that selects the parent artboards of the current selection. Found a great plugin that allows you to bulk select and move @sketchapp artboards. — Courtney ⭐️ (@starrcourt) August 23,...

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Sketch Hunt – Arrows and Lines Pack (Free Download)

Sketch App Essentials

CRAFT Stock Resources for Sketch