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Sketch Image Replaste Plugin

Sketch Image Replaste is currently being described as a Work in Progress. It's a simple Sketch plugin for replacing images with a copied image of your clipboard. It was also developed to work with Sketch Runner. Usage Make a screenshot or copy an image in your Sketch...

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Table of Contents Generator Sketch Plugin

"This is a Sketch Plugin I created upon a request from our Mozilla UX team. As a member of the UX team we usually have to create different specs using Sketch, and we have to manually add a "Table of Contents" page to list out the contents. For this plugin you can just...

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Click-Thru (Quick HTML) Prototype Sketch Plugin

"A Sketch plugin that creates a HTML click-through prototype of a website design so you can give your clients an idea what the website will look like..." If you're looking for a quick & dirty way to produce clickable prototypes from @sketchapp this plugin is...

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Kaleidoscope Generator for Sketch

"Kaleidoscope Generator is small but very powerful easy-to-use sketch file that allows you to create generated fantastic kaleidoscopic art, backgrounds and patterns. With «mirror» system just a small piece of image, shape or combination is generating into a fullscreen...

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