C4 has just entered what some may argue is a crowded space for prototyping tools. They are admitting that up front and asserting that “the market is still ripe for innovation… and the gap remains wide open”.

They describe C4 Studio as “a new class of motion design for mobile. Built for Designers and Developers, C4 Studio lets you easily animate designs and generate production-ready code that a developer can use right away”.

Sketch files can be imported directly within the app. It offers a timeline style UI, but seems to have a clever feature called “State Machine Animation”  that focuses on Start and End states in your Sketch artboards that it then can use to automatically create a tween animation with smart transition effects. The timeline can then be hand-tweaked as desired. The other major feature it promises is “a sophisticated code export system that allows you to generate views, controllers and even full Xcode projects”.

See their Alpha announcement for a list of key features, all supported by Video demonstrations. Overall, when this goes live, it looks like it we’ll have another useful option to consider for prototyping our Sketch designs 😉