Anima is currently in pre-release. Articles like this give us a glimpse into their promised feature set:

“Our mission at Anima is to empower designers to own their design. We are creating a tool for designers that enables designers to define, specify and architect all of the bits and pieces that encompasses User Interface/Experience and in the end automatically generate native code that is 1:1 to the original definition…

One of these bits and pieces that make apps design is called Dynamic Layout. When we design a screen for an app in Sketch or Photoshop, we only design it as one size (for example iPhone 6 screen size) and once we export the assets and hand-off to engineering — it’s up for the engineer to best guess how it should look on other screen sizes and implement it by applying constraints in code or in Xcode’s Interface Builder…” Check out their proposed workflow.

Anima example screen