Supernova converts any mobile design created in Sketch to real native applications, hopefully making the entire design-to-development process more efficient.

They are taking an interesting approach in that it does not include any built-in design tools and focuses on importing and intelligently converting designs from Sketch into code. This is a bit different from Paintcode. Here’s how Supernova describes it:

Supernova’s importer does not import the design as it is, but runs it through multiple stages of optimization to ensure that it is imported as close to real application as possible. That means removing redundant layers, optimizing the grouping, flattening the components to become images and more.

Supernova supports version 4.0+ of Sketch, and most of its functionality, including symbols, gradients, masks and many many more. Don’t hesitate to use whatever you want, it can handle it.

Supernova is currently free while in Beta, pricing is yet to be announced.