Updated October 4, 2017

Sketch confirmed a macOS High Sierra 10.13 issue is affecting bitmaps that are included within design documents on September 29. They are working on fix to come with next release.

As of October 4, further details have come out implying that it is definitely a macOS bug requiring the Sketch team to craft a workaround promised in the forthcoming version 47. It’s good to see an official response to this, as we were spotting multiple Tweets about placed/embedded image issues since the release of the latest Mac operating system. In addition, a thread on Macrumors suggested that a similar macOS bug was impacting users of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Where’s Apple on this? Sketch is now one of the most popular design apps on the Mac platform. For some it’s possibly the one app keeping them from switching to different OS. I hope that Apple Developer Support is giving this some serious attention!

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