Apps for Handing off Sketch Files for Specs and Assets

A List of Sharing and Collaboration Tools

Here’s our round of apps that let you share your designs with developers and others team members. Most share the capability of reviewing and extracting design specs such as color, size, position, typography (fonts) and asset download. Some also include group discussion and collaboration features. Let us know if we missed anything…

Last updated 1/25/2017

Icons8 Lunacy – Sketch file viewer for Windows

Icons8 Lunacy is a free tool for opening .sketch files in Windows. You can copy CSS of any object with one click, copy plain text for any text layer (more features are in development). Icons8 Lunacy works offline. This tool was created to help designers who love...

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Looking ahead at Sketch and other design tools in 2017

2016 was a big year for Sketch, as well as the design and prototyping tools space in general. 2017 will be even bigger. For the past few years we've been transitioning from a period where pre-mobile-era tools were lagging behind modern design workflows, to now having...

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Comparing: Zeplin, Sketch Measure, and InVision Inspect

Helpful article on the Cantina blog (although it should also include Sympli IMO): "For designers and engineers, converting static designs into coded websites and mobile apps can either be a bad game of telephone or a successful jam session. In this article I’ll...

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Sketch and Zeplin Production Flow by @developmentnow

"Bohemian Coding’s Sketch has made producing creative assets for our projects super easy, and Zeplin has allowed our developers to get to these assets pain-free. What has helped this production flow is ensuring our designers prep assets in their Sketch files...

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UXPin Spec Mode for Sketch

Transform static Sketch designs into interactive documentation. Easily bring your Sketch files into UXPin. Add interactions and animations to any layer. Get automatic specs and CSS. Add any extra documentation you need. Speed up development with automated CSS...

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How to Simplify Design Handoff By Creating Style Guides

"Style guides are basically a set of instructions explaining how common design elements should look, a visual cheatsheet of sorts. Not only can Sympli read and collect all styles in a design document (Photoshop or Sketch) and clearly display them for developers, but...

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Sympli Adds New Visual Mockup Change Browser Feature

A "Diff Tool for Visual Specifications" "Now you can visually compare any 2 versions of the design mockup and see the changes side-by-side which makes additions, deletions, and other updates immediately obvious to the eye, increasing the teams’ productivity as a...

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Markly App Spec’ing Software Updated for Sketch 40

Markly has been updated to work with the latest version of Sketch. It helps create spec / UI style guide documentation ("redlines") for your developer or client. Markly is ideal for situations where it's most appropriate to have static and persistent overlays with...

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