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Sketch Style Master Plugin for Renaming Shared Styles

Sketch Style Master is a Sketch plugin for renaming shared styles. Let’s face it — Sketch’s style organizer leaves a lot to be desired. When you want to apply whole scale changes to your shared style names, you’re faced with endless clicking and manual renaming. With...

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Bootstrap Helpers Sketch Plugin

Bootstrap Helpers 💎 is a plugin to help improve designing with Bootstrap grids in Sketch. Current functionality includes: Draw a bootstrap grid Move and in-/decrease width of layers according to the bootstrap grid Toggle visibility of the bootstrap...

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Text Style Master Sketch Plugin for Easier Renaming

Update: November 8, 2017 - This Plugin Has Been Replaced by Developer with "sketch-style-master" Text Style Master is a Sketch Plugin that aims to make it easier to manage all your text styles with features like bulk renaming. Let’s face it — Sketch’s text style...

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Simple Symbol Name Sketch Plugin

Simple Symbol Name is a Sketch app plugin that was recently made during DesignToolsBerlin hackathon. A Sketch plugin that shortens the layer name of organized symbols with "/". The name is shortened when a symbol is added via "Add Symbol" action or using keyboard...

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Sort Background Colors Sketch Plugin

This is a Sketch Plugin that sorts layers by the hue value of their background fill color. It's a nice example of a Twitter request inspiring a plugin developer: Took the freedom to turn your fiddle into a sketch plugin: ... feel free to copy...

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