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Align Artboards Sketch Plugin by @doubco

Easily aligns all artboards vertical or horizontal by name. Uses the same convention as 'Sketch export folder structure 'parent/child'. We were looking for an easy way to organise our big sketch files but couldn't find a proper solution. So we created this plugin to...

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Sketch Split Shape Plugin

A Sketch Plugin that divides a rectangle into a specified number of divisions equally. "Create a rectangle the width and height of the area you want the grid to appear. Run the plugin and input the number of rows, columns and gutter between each item and hit OK. If...

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PDF Export — Sketch Plugin

PDF Export is a Sketch Plugin to export artboards to a PDF document. It was recently updated to support updates via Runner. Export all pages Export current page Export selected...

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Batch Create Symbols Sketch Plugin

A plugin for Sketch to batch create symbols. "In Sketch, when you have a bunch of layers that need to be converted to symbols you have to select them one by one and use the 'Convert to Symbol' function. Multiple selections will be merged into one symbol. This plug-in...

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Sketch Hunt – Arrows and Lines Pack (Free Download)