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Color Contrast Analyzer for Sketch Plugin (with MCOE)

"This Sketch plugin is based on Florian Schulz's Color Contrast Analyser. It calculates the color contrast of two layers and evaluates them against MCOE's guidelines. If only a single layer is selected, than it will calculate with its artboard background color. The...

read more Sketch plugin is a free tool for designers that let you display your Sketch designs in a web browser. Upload your projects using our Sketch plugin and speed up your...

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Tschichold Page Layout Sketch Plugin

Tschichold.sketchplugin: Plugin that Aligns or Resizes content according to Jan Tschichold's canon of page construction. Align key object relative to the format Align & Resize key object relative to the...

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Find All Instances of Symbol – Sketch Plugin

A Sketch plugin that let's you find all of the instances of a symbol across multiple pages/artboards Select a symbol instance or master Run the plugin (or use the shortcut cmd+shift+f) A dialog is displayed with a dropdown that lists all of pages that include...

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Sketch Hunt – Arrows and Lines Pack (Free Download)

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