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Sketch Resize Symbol Plugin works well with Runner

Sketch Resize Symbol is a Sketch plugin to resize Symbol instances to their original size. It plays well with Sketch Runner. @rayshan @Lloyd @bomberstudios @sketchapp install this tiny plugin: then you'll get the option in @Sketch_Runner...

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RTL | ⅃TЯ Sketch Plugin

"Automatically create RTL layouts of your designs with this plugin for Bohemian Coding's Sketch. Designs that include text written in right-to-left languages are often rendered incorrectly. This happens because some design tools don’t support proper RTL rendering. The...

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Day Player Placeholder Images Sketch Plugin at v3

Day Player is a Sketch Plugin for creating placeholder images from online services. It allows you to insert customized placeholder images into any Sketch document from a number of different placeholder image services:

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Map Generator Sketch Plugin

Updated February 2017 "A plugin to fill a layer with a map generated from a location (Powered by Google Maps). With this plugin you can design quickly a map view for a mobile application or a web site. You only need to write some location and the plugin will do the...

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Sketch Hunt – Arrows and Lines Pack (Free Download)

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