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Batch Create Symbols Sketch Plugin

A plugin for Sketch to batch create symbols. "In Sketch, when you have a bunch of layers that need to be converted to symbols you have to select them one by one and use the 'Convert to Symbol' function. Multiple selections will be merged into one symbol. This plug-in...

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Sketch Maps Plugin Uses Mapbox API

Sketch Maps is a plugin that uses the Mapbox API to fill layers with specific and custom maps. In addition to 5 professionally designed styles provided by Mapbox, you can use custom styles designed in Mapbox Studio with their Style URL....

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Sketch Image Replaste Plugin

Sketch Image Replaste is currently being described as a Work in Progress. It's a simple Sketch plugin for replacing images with a copied image of your clipboard. It was also developed to work with Sketch Runner. Usage Make a screenshot or copy an image in your Sketch...

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Table of Contents Generator Sketch Plugin

"This is a Sketch Plugin I created upon a request from our Mozilla UX team. As a member of the UX team we usually have to create different specs using Sketch, and we have to manually add a "Table of Contents" page to list out the contents. For this plugin you can just...

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Click-Thru (Quick HTML) Prototype Sketch Plugin

Updated March 2017 "A Sketch plugin that creates a HTML click-through prototype of a website design so you can give your clients an idea what the website will look like..." If you're looking for a quick & dirty way to produce clickable prototypes from @sketchapp...

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Sketch Hunt – Arrows and Lines Pack (Free Download)