I tweeted about Flowmapp from my personal account (@jydesign) back in early October. I was excited about it then and have since been using it for a few projects. It’s kind of like a mashup of an easy to use sitemap/treemap diagraming tool with Trello or Basecamp.

For me, it feels like it fills in a missing piece in the process of developing a product, app or website. It can help in the early planning of your site or app architecture and has come in handy for live brainstorming sessions to compare different concepts because it’s effortless to rearrange the order and hierarchical position of items.

Flowmapp teamwork Illustration

The collaboration features are also in line with what you’d expect, and it’s helpful to be able to label items with customizable status (such as ‘in progress’, ‘needs review’ or however you decide to adjust the default labels). You can choose to display content objects in a flow map with one of the many provided wireframe-style thumbnail “Cover” images. I’ve taken to hiding this preview most of the time and look forward to the possibility of being able to include custom artwork for the thumbnails view.

The team at Flowmapp has been very responsive to feedback and suggestions. They have also been improving the product at a rapid pace – recently adding Export options among other improvements. They offer free and paid plans, check it out.

FlowMapp is online planning tool for creating a visual sitemap that will help you effectively design and plan a better user experience for your website and collaborate with all participants in web development process.