A List of Essential Sketch Plugins & Tools

Our Picks for Must-have Resources

Here’s our round up go-to plugins, apps, ui kits and other resources for users of Sketch app. Let us know if we missed anything…

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Sketch Library Thumbnail Preview Icon Template Freebie

Ever since Sketch Libraries were released in version 47, many people have been asking how to create a custom thumbnail preview that appears in the Preferences panel for their own Sketch Library files. I've created a 'template' Sketch file that has the preview artboard...

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Symbol Instance Locator Plugin

Locate all instances of a selected symbol or instance. Select an instance in the list of results to jump to it's location. Another helpful plugin from Jason...

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Sketch Grid Master Plugin – Better Toggle for Grid & Layout

Grid Master is a Sketch plugin that fixes long-standing bugs and adds new functionality related on work with Grid and Layout. Note: While the developer suggests that "Toggle Grid/Layout on All Artboards" is deprecated, the feature still works - which is good because...

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Rename It – Sketch Plugin Updated to Version 3

Rename It is a veteran plugin that helps you keep your Sketch files organized, batch rename layers and artboards. Version 3 has notable new features. Be sure to update or install today! Rename in Sequence Current Layer Name Append Width and Height Find & Replace...

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Merge Duplicate Symbols Sketch Plugin

The Merge duplicate symbols plugin will automatically find all the name-duplicated symbols within your whole Sketch file (even in different pages) and prompt you about what to do with them. Choose the one you want to keep and press OK. The other symbols will be...

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Single Border Sketch Plugin – Add Single Borders

Single Border is a new Sketch Plugin that lets you add single borders in Sketch App with advanced controls. To be specific, this plugin does not allow you to create a native object-level single border. It's merely a very well executed and convenient way to add a...

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Smartmockups Mac app – Easily create stunning product mockups from your Sketch designs